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Sanitation Team Lead

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Biscuits Leclerc Ltd., a North American leader in the snack food manufacturing industry, is seeking a strong Sanitation Team Lead to join its most recent production plant located in Cornwall, Ontario, which is due to begin production in the spring of 2019.

Leclerc, a thriving family company, manufactures snack bars, crackers and cookies for distribution to more than thirty countries all over the world. For more than 100 years, Leclerc has successfully balanced innovation, freshness, and good taste, pleasing customers of all ages. For the past decade, Leclerc invests in its Canadian facilities with state-of-the-art production facilities, two in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures and one in Hawkesbury. While these three plants are destined for growth in the near future, our success warrants further expansion of our production capacity in Canada, which translates in this strategically located facility in Cornwall, Ontario. Just like Leclerc’s seven existing plants (4 are in USA), this future production site will be high tech and devoted to some of the niche products Leclerc proudly prepares for its clientele.


Reporting to the Manager of Quality Assurance, the Sanitation Team Lead will assist by overseeing the daily tasks and responsibilities of the sanitation team. He/she will supervise and assist with the cleaning of equipment, sanitation processes, programs and documentation while ensuring compliance with regulations and food safety as well as environmental laws. The Sanitation Team Lead will also assist in implementing safety, sanitation and continuous improvement programs while ensuring that the facility is maintained to optimum cleanliness level. The Sanitation Team Lead will begin working on the evening shift then will transfer to the night shift to accommodate the production schedule.


  • Assist the sanitation team by identifying and responding to various problems that may arise;
  • Verify the quality of the work accomplished by the sanitation team;
  • Replace during breaks and lunches, as needed;
  • Arrange for staff to be supplied with products and to have the necessary tools;
  • Ensure compliance with good practices, policies and standards set by the company;
  • Sensitize and empower the sanitation team to the programs of excellence and be personally involved in their implementation;
  • Participate in the improvement of work methods, work-related accident investigations and HACCP audits;
  • Respond to requests and demands from the sanitation team and from the Manager of Quality Assurance and do the necessary follow-ups;
  • Ensure that cleaning schedules are followed, that work progresses rigorously, and that the correct methods are used according to established procedures;
  • Regular tours of the plant and assist staff as needed;
  • Respond to requests from production and other departments and manage tasks according to the needs of the production;
  • Follow up with the Manager of Quality Assurance for any problem that may be detrimental to the work and harmony of the team;
  • Participate proactively in the team's efforts to achieve the objectives of the company;
  • Involve team members in training to better understand cleaning procedures for food safety and staff safety (tag lock, chemical handling, proper lifting techniques and appropriate PPE);


  • Have a high school diploma or equivalent;
  • Have a minimum of 5 years’ experience as a sanitation employee in the food industry;
  • Have excellent communication and leadership skills;
  • Have a good knowledge of chemicals used in cleaning a food plant, in addition to practices and procedures;
  • Have excellent manual dexterity and good speed on machines;
  • Have the ability to react quickly to unforeseen circumstances, problems or conflicts;
  • Be able to mobilize your team and communicate constructively and positively;
  • Set a good example by being punctual, assiduous, multi-tasked and methodical;
  • Have the ability to work in a fast-paced environment.