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A family kind of company

Working for Leclerc Group means working for a company that takes the long view. Leclerc Group is a family success story, and that’s important to us. We’re proud of our family values and we keep things on a human scale. We’re also big on innovation, because we believe it paves the way for future success. As for our products, they all share a fundamental characteristic: uncompromising quality.

A career at Leclerc

A sure thing

By working for a company that’s constantly evolving, you’ll have countless opportunities to learn and advance your career. We’re proud to provide jobs that keep our people motivated and help them build their careers with us.

A clean and safe environment

Our manufacturing facilities, offices, and cafeteria provide all our employees with a clean, safe, and comfortable environment. The camaraderie that reigns on our teams is the perfect complement to our quality surroundings—that, and the delicious smell of cookies wafting through our production facilities.

Leading the way

At Leclerc, we’re passionate about innovation and always keen to improve our processes. We stay on top of the latest innovations, which means our teams get to work with the best high performance technology.

See where you can shine

By joining Leclerc, you’ll be putting your skills to work for a world‑class business that cares about people’s well‑being. See what kind of people work for us and find out how you can be a part of Leclerc’s future.