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For an organization to function well, its members must share the same tastes, values, strengths, and interests. This builds trust and helps get things done. After more than a century, Leclerc’s corporate culture is well established, and people from all over Canada and the United States are embracing it. It’s what drives our employees to excel and the company to reach new heights every day.

All for one and one for all

Hiring is very important because, in a production context, teamwork is critical. “It’s high speed and you have to think about your coworkers because the production line moves really fast. It can go up to 60 mph or more, so everyone has to be focused for things to run smoothly,” says Sonja Morgan, senior director of human resources - U.S. operations. “It’s a job that requires commitment and team spirit.” When you’re working as a team, personality can be an issue. Mayra Velazquez, a quality technician at the Phoenix facility, has seen it first-hand: “There’s no room for big egos. You have to concentrate on our product and the quality of our work, but you can’t do it alone.”

Keeping pace with change

Being open to change is also an essential personality trait in this innovative company. Consumer tastes change quickly and markets are demanding. Luckily, at Leclerc, we are driven! Management stays on top of the latest trends, constantly coming up with new recipes, new techniques, and production line enhancements. As Scott Renner, a controls technician at the Montgomery facility says with a smile, “If you don’t like fast-paced change, don’t come work at Leclerc! You have to be able to identify problems and find solutions quickly, even if they aren’t perfect.”

Learning all the time

Gregory Lawrence, an internal trainer at the Tennessee facility, says, “If you want to grow and learn new things, Leclerc is the ideal place for that.” Curiosity is a highly valued quality at Leclerc. It shows that you’re interested in what you’re doing, but open to expanding your horizons. When you learn something new every day and can share your experience with your coworkers, it keeps you loving what you do and motivates you to get better at it every day. Not just for the company, but also for yourself. That’s why it’s great to expand your knowledge, and why feeling competent gives you a real sense of pride. After all, pride is the number one thing we make at Leclerc.

Although Leclerc is managed according to a business model based on international development and an innovative vision of operations, the company has always been a family business driven by team spirit, trust, and the love of a job well done. No matter what happens, someone is always there to help. Everyone is working together toward a common goal: to make people happy by making the world’s best cookies.

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